We believe in Blockchain as a transformative technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution as a renaissance in human evolution


4thBlock is a developing Blockchain Initiatives in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We focus on Blockchain startups at the idea to market stage.

We bridge communities of innovation, like TED, bridge them with communities of action, like the World Economic Forum, and convene these communities to catalyze dialogue and change for our collective future.

We alchemize conversation that catalyzes sustainable and purposeful collaborations, speaker opportunities, and business investments.


We are a Global Shapers Project (Initiative of World Economic Forum), TEDx Organizer supported Project, and a decentralized social impact nonprofit.



Our Team

Meet our Decentralized and Global Team.


MEET Team puerto rico


Sergio Ernesto Calzada

Puerto Rico Lead - Global Shaper Curator for Puerto Rico, legal student.

1384021_10153450799515192_799672050_n (1).jpg

César Cordero Santiago

Puerto Rico Lead - Puerto Rico Global Shaper and Blockchain Entreprenuer

Meet Team US Midwest



Adnan Raja

Texas Project Lead - TEDxAustin and TEDxYouth@Austin organizer.

Meet Team Barcelona


Jan Cb

Barcelona Project Lead @ 4thBlock

Co-Founder at UPC Founders Lab, Strategy Consultant at Opentrends, Vice-Curator at Global Shapers in Barcelona.

Meet Team London


Siddhi Trivedi

Project Advisor - Siddhi advises 4thBlock, does Marketing for Blockchain Summit in the UK, and organizes TEDxLecister.


Hans Trivedi & Aurora Horwood

Project Coordinator - Hans is a Technology Consultant and organizes TEDxLondon, and with the Government Blockchain Association

Meet Team usa - East coast


Claire Bevan

Marketing & Communications based in New Jersey.


Kevin Torres

Project Coordinator - based in New Jersey

Joìn Prospero Portrait.jpg

Jon Prosper

Video Producer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Meet Team usa - west coast


Lori Corpuz

Decentralized 4thBlock Lead

Blockchain Venture Analyst & Advisor, Executive Decentralizer at 4thBlock, NYC Global Shaper, and Founding TEDxBushwick organizer.

Lori develops ecosystems, investor relations, ICO advisory, and research across Blockchain Initiatives for the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Violet Koncz

Graphic Designer based in Southern California.